29 Weeks Pregnant

by bosssanders on February 18, 2009 with 3 comments

I could probably actually do without posting this, seeing as how nothing is really new this week – but, then I’d kick myself later when I couldn’t find it while trying to look back.  So, I’ll list even the mundane just so I have something to go back to since I’m not keeping it noted in an actual pregnancy journal like I did last time.  I’ve been doing exceptionally well besides the normal (for me) pains and annoyances as my body tries to expand and accommodate in ways that makes it a little grouchy.  For the most part, laying down with pillows, water, and keeping my blood sugar helps.  And, when those don’t, tylenol PM will do the trick.  I’m still finding that if I’m on my feet or sitting a certain way for too long, I start hurting in my … uterus?  I keep wanting to say belly but that’d be pretty far off from which body part actually hurts.  Then, there’s the achey all over which is pretty standard (a pedicure w/ foot massage has never sounded so good!)  And, the pressure.  And, the itching (which is JUST dry skin due to weather and hormones, now).  My scalp and body are still dry and I’ve given up trying to use my all natural stuff on me since it takes both time and money just to find something I like and I was not satisfied with half of what I tried.  So, since $1 hair conditioner is way cheaper than $8, I’m going to go the cheaper and less healthy route for now since it’s doing the job –same with the other body stuff I use.  At least until my body decides to stop going all beserk.

Heartburn has pretty much disappeared for now and OH I am so thankful.  I make sure to take prenatal vitamins way early in the morning (not after 2 pm) and have been downing fruits and veggies every chance I get.  My appetite is generally pretty good except for the occasional off days where nothing much sounds good, but those are few.  I’m eating healthy and blah blah blah.  See, no real complaints.  Aurora is super active, though and I’ve learned not to screw with her by poking my belly a whole lot just to get her to move.  Turns out, the kid has control over some of my intestines and is at liberty to manipulate them so I’m sick.  She won’t be bullied, good for her.

Nesting?  Oh yes.  Definitely.  I was actually up at 4:30 am one morning scrubbing the floors on my hands and knees.  And then I went back to bed.  Soo much has to be done yet, and we don’t have several things still but I really hadn’t thought much about it til now.  I still have approximately 11 weeks, right?  Maybe?

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  • stephanie

    Everything sounds pretty normal and right on track! Looking forward to meeting next week!

  • Momisodes

    Sounds like you’re doing fairly well. So glad to hear the heartburn has subsided. I remember how awful that was.


  • mjohnson5611


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