Caring Corners Mrs Goodbee Talking Dollhouse

by bosssanders on January 12, 2009 with 430 comments

As a child, I remember being captivated by dollhouses of all sorts – and, it’s really no surprise that I still love them. I remember sitting on the floor, with my dolls and house and their accessories all laid out – then, “Vroooooom!” *CRASH!* *BANG*

My little brother and his army of camo-ed out Ken dolls and dump trucks had apparently heard of a bomb threat and had orders to destroy my little village. Occasionally, my dolls would make it out with more than one arm stuck to their torso. But, rarely.

Back then, there was no Mrs Goodbee Talking Dollhouse


This dollhouse is the bomb-diggity. I don’t know if they’d actually put that term in their press-releases and commercials, but they really could…because this thing seriously rocks! This is one of those dollhouses that EVERYONE’s going to be talking about because… IT TALKS!

Mrs. Goodbee (the talking dollhouse) has these little buttons all throughout her, and when pushed they each do different things. I really have no clue what she’d say if kid brother (or sister) wrecks into her with a dump truck, but I’m sure whatever it is would be a slight scolding in a very polite way. I do know, however, that the doorbell rings and Mrs. Goodbee welcomes you inside, the toilet flushes, the refrigerator opens and Mrs. Goodbee encourages you to eat your fruits and vegetables…and she even has a turkey and a pie in the oven (Um, when can *I* move in?).

The compactly folded-up house (PERFECT for stowing away under a bed or in a closet when not in use) looks like this (from one side) when you fold it out…


And…that’s just ONE side. Seriously…You have rooms galore with tons of different activities, so there’s no shortage on things to do.

And, my favorite part (Okay, second favorite part)? It comes ASSEMBLED and WITH BATTERIES!!!!

Do you know what this means? (I’ll tell you…) It means no unwrapping and then your child realizing it’ll take YOU 5 hours to put it together AND you forgot the batteries. Nope, none of that with Caring Corners, they’ve totally got your back.

And, in case you still don’t believe me about the awesome factor for this cool little house, check out some of the other features:

  • Developed in conjunction with Child Development Expert and Author Dr. Michele Borba
  • 400 activities, songs, words and sounds
  • Eight “hot spots” where Mrs. Goodbee’s voice gently guides children and responds to what they do
  • Twelve large rooms – six on each side — perfect for two children to share
  • Comes with Girl doll and Boy doll, dog, reward stickers and online games
  • Extends the acts of caring, sharing and preparing for responsibilities from the pretend world into their real world
  • Online games at that reinforce the dollhouse lessons of caring and sharing
  • A “Parent’s Corner” at offers helpful advice and ideas for additional ways to help children learn about caring, sharing and preparing for responsibilities
  • The Carton of Caring Donation Program partnership with Goodwill Industries
  • For children ages 3 and up
  • Can be purchased at retailers nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R’ Us

What’s more is we’ve teamed up with Caring Corners and we’re giving one away!

To enter, simply leave a comment here with the following information:
-Who you’d be winning it for and why you MUST win and
-Where in the world are you? (State or Territory if not in the US – We’re curious about how far we’re reaching!)
-(And, as always…be sure you leave a working email in the correct field so we can reach you if you win)

For extra opportunities to win, you can do the following (please let me know in comments if you do any of these so I can award you the extra entries):

-Write a blog post about this giveaway and link back here for 5 extra entries
Tweet this contest on twitter saying “check out #bosssanders awesome giveaway at” for 2 extra entries
-Come back and leave a comment a day (one comment per day until contest closing) for 1 extra entry (per comment/per day)

Contest ENDS January 4, 2009 and a winner will be chosen.

The contest has been extended until the end of January, so be sure to sign up!!

If you can’t wait until January 4 of next year to possibly win your own dollhouse, click HERE to buy it now!

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  • Valerie Clark

    My 3 granddaughters would love this great learning activity. If I win Samantha, Mackenzie and Santana will be entertained for endless hours. (And Grandma might just, too!)

  • John

    I want to win this for my grandchildren, ages three and six. I must win it as the grandkids would have fun playing with with this fancy dollhouse; and, I’d be proud to give it to them too. I live in Jasper, TX.

  • carolpie

    This would be fantastic for my granddaughter!

  • World's Best Nana

    My granddaughter would sooo love this dollhouse. Please make it hers.

  • kaylee8

    I would love to win this for my daughter and I simply MUST win because I would love playing with it as much as she would! I never got to have a doll house when I was little and I always wanted one! I am in Pierce City, MO.

  • joni514

    this would be so perfect for my granddaughter

    erie pa

  • ababe28

    I’d love to win this for our grandaughter Maddie, who is having a birthday tomarro Jan. 5.
    I have to win this because she doesn’t have anything like this…and I can’t afford to buy something this great for her right now because, well, times are tough for everyone right now….even her parents, who are postponing the actual party until the end of Jan. because of financial reasons…
    So Yes, I want to win for little Maddie!

  • Stacie

    I must have this dollhouse for my 4 year old daughter. She would love it!
    I live in Ontario, Canada :)

  • typhi

    I would love to be selfish and keep this for myself using the excuse it would be here when my cousin’s little girl came or my fiance’s grand daughters came but after seeing how bad off Toys for Tots was this year and hearing how many children they couldn’t help this year I would hand it over to them for next Christmas !! We live in Massachusetts..

  • Angela J

    Id keep it to entertain the grandkids when they visit.

  • sls831

    Boy, this sure beats the Dora talking house! I really want to win this for my daughter. She’s almost 4 and she’s been pretty much begging for a dollhouse for at least the last year! This is great. She would LOVE it, and I would LOVE to see her have it :) BTW, I’m in Michigan.

  • VINE79

    I would love to win this for my two daughter’s who didn’t have a great Christmas. I am in Jacksonville, FL

  • bkh61959

    Love to win this for my granddaughter, she will be coming home in a couple months, her dad is in the service, this would be a nice welcome home gift, thanks for the giveaway

  • disneymum

    I would love to win this for my girls, they would LOVE it!

  • disneymum

    blogged about this awesome giveaway

  • LuckyTJG

    I’d be winning this for my daughter. She just loves dollhouses and playing with her dollies so I know she’d adore this one. It looks so cool and it would be just perfect for her. She’d play there for hours at a time and get lost in her imagination. I live in California. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • angieprater

    I MUST win this for my daughter. She would love this house and would play with it every day.

    angieplays4fun at gmail dot com

  • Noggy

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter Zoey who moved with her mommy and daddy to San Antonio,TX the week before Christmas because got a new job. She seems so far away from Portland,OR but at least her mom has an awesome MySpace page where I can see her PictureTrail any time of day.

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway.

  • toddlisatyriem

    My 4 year old DD Emma turns 5 in a couple of months and a doll house was the one thing that Santa forgot to bring her for X-Mas. Emma would be over the moon excited to have such a beautiful doll house! How do we get one of these here in Basehor, Kansas?

  • Bobbie

    I have to win this dollhouse for my daughter, she is 5 and would love to have it! We are in Benton,KY. Thank you!

  • Janelle

    I have a little 3yo girl who would be on the top of the world if she won this. We live in the snowy (icy this week) state of WI!

  • Dree

    I need to win this for my niece because she loves doll houses. I’m in FL.

  • Dree


  • Cindi Nasif

    great post thanks ive bookmarked this for later use

  • Sophia Lillich

    very nice blog.

  • Dewitt

    obviously like web-site however you need to test the spelling on a number of as part
    of your posts. Several prove rife with spelling problems and i also
    in locating it very bothersome to share with reality however I?ll definitely come
    again again.

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