Let’s Get Crafty… Episode 1

by bosssanders on January 2, 2009 with 1 comment

So it’s January, and I’ve decided to begin the Craft Challenge a little early since it’s the first one. The deadline date will remain the same, but I’m moving the start date up by 2 days (was January 4th), so you have plenty of time to craft! To read the introduction post, click here.

Here’s the theme/challenge:

January 2-10: Theme – “Envelopes” – You can use envelopes in this craft, construct a creative envelope, depict an envelope, etc. Use your imagination… (You ARE allowed to use other materials besides envelopes.)

It’s pretty basic and loose so you can use your own genius to spin this in countless ways, no matter what your “craft” is – and it doesn’t have to be conventional.

To participate, please just write a post BY January 10th (2009), and leave the direct URL to that post in the MR. Linky below.

Then, after Jan 10th, people will have free range to vote on their favorites. The prize? A pretty little graphic award (to be shown later) and complete bragging rights. (We’ll have bigger prizes as the contests progress, later on…) As an added bonus, you get to see all sorts of other creative geniuses online and check out their awesome ideas! If you want to be really awesome, go ahead and post a “how to” or tutorial with your submission on your site.

Want to participate but don’t have your own website or blog? No problemo! Just leave me a comment, letting me know and I’ll tell you how to submit it via email. I’ve got ya covered!

Okay…ready? Set. Go!


Heads Up! Next Theme (coming soon…):

January 11-17: Theme – “Tiny” – The only real guideline really would be the theme word itself..TINY. So, just make it tiny.

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