18 Weeks (pregnant)

by bosssanders on December 3, 2008 with 18 comments


(See the red splotchiness?  It’s a rash…I have something similar covering random areas of my body.  It itches.  Lots.)

I’m guessing the special hormone that makes my hair and nails grow like crazy has finally kicked into effect – I don’t have long luscious locks of hair (although, I might if I could keep it from frizzing out into a ‘fro…I’ll let you know), but my hair HAS stopped falling out as much.  I’m down to about one small clump rather than the huge fistfuls I was having to clean up.  My nails are growing plenty fast, which I’m pretty sure is part of the whole Divine Design plan – you know, better to scratch my raging hormonal skin with.  I’m seriously looking into taking sandpaper or those rough-bristled brushes to my skin…only then it will be RAW and itch.  It almost feels like the itch is from the inside, like I can’t quite get to it.  Who knows, maybe I’m just going nuts and it’s all in my head.  Um, I mean…skin.

The uber bad morning sickness that I had in the beginning is gone.  I thought it would be the end of all sickness, but apparently that goodness only lasted a week or two.  Now, I have “normal-person morning sickness” and am keeping the Zofran pretty handy.  For the most part, I can curb the puking if I can pop a Zofran and lay down really quickly and squeeze my eyes shut (and soon after get food in me).  I don’t remember it lasting QUITE this long with Lorelei, but what do I know.  The thought that this may last the rest of my pregnancy scares me…and pisses me off a little.

My hormones are quickly spinning out of control – not only am I itchy and forgetful suddenly with the intense urge to puke everywhere, I’m also drawn to near hysterics at the drop of a hat.  Okay, maybe not hysterics…but, it’s close.  I can still tell though when I am being “short” due to hormones or due to being pushed too far and am quick to apologize and try to make it right.  I guess that’s better than nothing.

Cravings.  I’m not really having a ton of cravings that I can’t live without, although there are certain foods that I’m hungry for and certain that seem repulsive to me.  Large bits of hamburger (like thick hamburgers, loads of hamburger meat in sauces, and big meatballs) make me squirm in a very bad way.  Bagel bites and pizza rolls aren’t too appetizing, either – although that one may have to do more with the fact that those were a main source of sustenance for 3.5 months.  Things that sound good are Victor’s Sandwiches’ chili (it’s kind of a sweeter variety), Dominoes cheese pizza, and Jalapeno poppers.

I’ve also been experiencing an almost unquenchable thirst.  I’ve been drinking water like crazy, which also means I could probably just strap a toilet to my butt and call it a day.  Seriously.  I should just make the bathroom into an office, I’m constantly peeing.

The crazy dreams have started – you know, the ones where really WEIRD things happen and are totally unlike the dreams you used to have – and, I’ve broken out in an itchy rash all over.  Not that the two have anything to do with each other, but still.  The rash is just like the one I had with Lorelei, so I’m not worried just annoyed.  I’ve not used anything new and I realize my skin may be developing new allergies during the pregnancy and blablabla but that’s not it.  My body is just freaky, k?  All the same, 10 points goes to whoever cures me of the itchiness without setting me on fire.  Thanks.

Occasionally I’m feeling some light flutters, and even more rarely do I feel full on body slams.  I mean, that has to be what it is unless this kid is bigfoot.  Oh God, please no.

I tallied it up, and if I can count right – the total score for boy versus girl was 9 to 10.  You guys are so smart.  The sonographer spotted the significant parts right away, and it’s a girl.  From now on, Baby A will now be referred to as Aurora Madeline…okay, actually it’ll just be Aurora…or A…or, whatever.  Don’t worry…Steven is okay.  We went to Steak and Shake afterwards to cheer him up.  Besides, like he can stay too sad knowing that in the end this will just mean more “trying” later on.  Gee.  Poor Steven.  But, no matter what he tries to convince you guys of, this kid will NOT be nicknamed AJ.  Nor will we be naming a baby girl Aidan Joseph.

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  • Miss

    YAYAYAYAY!! Another gorgeous girl!! I’m so excited.

    Sorry you’re all itchy though. *hug*

  • Kim

    And that is why I never win on gambling..lol..

    I am sooo happy that your having another baby girl!! weeee!! Sisters are great..

    Sorry about the rash..sending rash free thoughts your way!!

  • Hockeyman

    The only thing better than 1 little girl, it 2 little girls. Congrats!

  • Colleen - Mommy Always Wins

    Awww…two girls. How sweet!

    Sorry to hear of the rash – I hear they’re AWFUL!!!

  • Nissa

    Aurora is a beautiful name! Congrats on baby girl #2! How fun for Lorelei to have a little sister!

    Of course you don’t remember it being as bad as when you were pregnant with L. That’s God’s plan- to make you forget the yuckiness. Otherwise we’d never have more babies. :)

    Have you tried Eucerin calming creme? I swear by it for super itchy rashes. They also make a spray, but I think the lotion is the bestiest!


  • Nissa

    Ugh- you know what I meant. You don’t remember it being that bad when preggie with Lorelei. I’m having typing troubles today, apparently.

  • MomBabe

    man, I hate when I’m wrong. But I love baby girls, so YAY!

  • Tricia

    You will be so happy with 2 girls!!! Its great. They can share clothes and be best friends…ok, maybe not best friends but its very likely.

  • Zoeyjane

    I love being right! With Iso, I took Oatmeal baths. Literally. Not hot, warm baths with quick oats. It helped the itching, but didn’t solve it – but I have really dry, sensitive skin. Other thought: baby lotion. Steal Lor’s!

  • Mrs. Kitty

    Hi there! First time stopping by from ZoeyJane’s place. Sorry to hear about your rash. That sounds horrible. Hopefully you’ll find some relief soon. And a big congrats on another little girl!

    I’m 9.5 weeks pregnant with my first baby (although I haven’t announced it on my own blog yet. Long story), so I’ll be coming by again to see what in the world I’m in for. :)

  • melissa

    oh your poor itchy tummy!! i had that with my first pregnancy. i can’t remember what it was called but…it itched! badly!!
    i’m sorry you don’t feel well.
    i’m sorry to read on facebook that something is bothering you!!
    i hope everything ends up ok!!
    no matter what…even if i don’t come visit your blog everyday…i’m here. an email away. or…a phone call. but, i’m here!!

  • Judith Shakespeare

    Dude… I totally rashed like that during my 2nd pregnancy!! And, lo and behold, my second kid has the most sensitive skin EVER.

    Congratulations on the new little girl, honey!!!

  • Red Lotus Mama

    Easy solution is Aveeno lotion and oatmeal bath.

    I love Neem also: http://www.organixsouth.com/theraneem.html. I have horrible eczema on my face and other “hot spots” on my body that flares up due to stress and weather. This stuff changed my world.

    You should check with your OB/GYN on this, but I also take Fish Oil supplements and Turmeric Force.

  • WeaselMomma

    You’re getting the cutest little belly. Enjoy it before it becomes a 25 pound goiter that you have to carry for another month!

  • MoDLin

    Congrats on the pregnancy, but bummer about the rash.

    Lots of pregnant women have itchy skin, particularly around the belly and breasts during the second and third trimesters. This happens as the skin stretches to adapt to your body’s growth. Increases in estrogen may cause your palms to become red and itchy. For some women, this may also affect the soles of their feet, which would drive me nuts! Like most skin changes that occur during pregnancy, the redness should fade after delivery.

    Severe itchiness, particularly in the third trimester, can be a sign of intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy (ICP). This is a liver problem that affects a very small percentage of pregnant women. Symptoms include severe itchiness all over the skin and sometimes nausea, vomiting, fatigue, yellowing of the skin and loss of appetite. Talk to your health care provider right away if you feel that you might have this condition. ICP does not harm a woman’s health, but it might not be too good for the baby.

  • Marissa

    My rash looks similar to this. please help. what’d you do. what’d they diagnose this as? how long did it last?

  • Joaquin Poljak

    A brill post please keep more coming thanks

  • Mi Gallwas

    Just finished this particular posting and had to thank you personally. Clear and concise!

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