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by bosssanders on May 14, 2008 with 3 comments

I recently found this super cool deal that was going on. Basically, you send in your vitamins (one bottle) – used…although at least a couple had to be left…and then, this company trades you your crap synthethic vitamins for FREE whole foods vitamin. Cool, huh? Um, $5 crap vitamins traded in for $50 valued whole foods vitamins. Duh. So, I traded in some prenatal vitamins I had…and had trouble stomaching. Yesterday, I get an email from the lady who’s heading up this trade-off. And, she sent me this link about my vitamins: Ashley’s Vitamins. They were prenatal vitamins from Walmart. No wonder why I couldn’t stomach them. Still think the government won’t let stores stock unsafe things on their shelves?

And, then…I found this cool site for your pleasure: Go on. You know you want to. Fold a US Pres. Candidate and have some fun.

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  • Sandy (Momisodes)

    I will HAVE to check out that about vitamins! I have a few that I’m not fond of either. ROFL at the fold up candidates :D

    I like the candidates. I could have tons of fun with a webcam …

  • Kim

    Thanks for the heads up on the vitamins.. will check it out..

    You should you should!

  • Elexis

    Hmmm, sounds scary, no? What if they’re not giving you good or real stuff?

    Oh, it’s real!

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