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by bosssanders on May 5, 2008 with 8 comments

First, I know, I know…I’m so very late for posting about my Organization 2008 updates.

This past week, my goal was to clean and organize the Master Bedroom and closets (meaning me cleaning mine and him cleaning his).  Lucky for me, last year, I’d bought, assembled, and installed (with the help of my wonderful hubby) a closet shelving system.  So, that was grand.  Basically, I had a system in my closet already.  So, all I had to do was refold and reorganize a few things and then I was FINISHED with the closet!  Also, a few weeks ago, I bought a placemat in bright colors (plastic, and from Walmart) and some (as in, 2) aqua plastic stemware (with wide mouths, also from walmart) and a couple of matching bowls (also plastic, also from walmart, also aqua).  My wire closet organization system/shelving is not always the best thing for my jewelry. In fact, I didn’t really have a set up for my jewelry at ALL.  A few necklaces dangled off of a post, but everything else stayed in their respective boxes.  So, I put the placemat on that shelf (so I could put smaller items on the shelf and they wouldn’t fall through), and then used the two bowls to hold different things.  One holds random stuff – like receipts I need to keep, extra buttons, stuff that gets lines out of my clothing, coins, etc.  The other holds bracelets and earrings.  Then, I stacked my plastic stemware (they also have little bubbles in the design) so they resembled a fountain and draped my necklaces over the sides (on both tiers).  It kind of looks like a fountain…and if I didn’t have so many necklaces, I might be able to see everything.  Haha.  But, I have a feeling that I’ll be passing a few pieces on, once I figure out what I wear and what I don’t.  ( I just bought this jewelry from some family/friends jewelry parties last year.  And while I LOVE necklaces…I rarely wear them… :( – So, I’ll either wear them, or pass them on!)

I had a few things on “my side of the room” that were pretty random and totally didn’t belong, so I put those up.  Now, I have a few things for my huge giveaway for a local parenting site I have…but those will be gone first week of June.  So, that’s temporary.  And then…I gathered my huge pile of books from under my bed and reorganized them, stacking them in order by which I wanted to read first.  Let me tell you, I have a LOT of books on my reading list.  In fact, I just started and finished an entire book this past weekend.  I go through books fast, but also, I have been known to have several different books going at once (different genres).  The neat pile of books under my bed will most likely stay there.  Not the same books, but I’m sure I’ll always have a book list of cool finds.  I love books.  So sue me.  And, under our bed is hidden, I know where they are…so why not use the space —as long as it’s organized!

So, the room is almost completely organized, save for husband’s closet.  But, after a bit of a pep-talk we had, I’m hoping it will be finished tonight.  :)   So, next on our list is the Dining Room/Kitchen.  We’ve decided to combine it all into one week.


Lorelei is now walking more and more!  Of course, she’s still loving the crawling thing.  She’s not stupid.  She KNOWS how to get their faster.  She still  loves computers and food and animals.  In fact, just a second ago, she was trying to feed the kitty (Thomas) a USB cable.  He wasn’t buying it.  The kitties know they get in trouble for chewing cords of any kind.  Big trouble.  Baby L is doing great with “discipline” – which is mostly the word “NO” and occasionally a light smack on the hand if she keeps trying to touch something that she absolutely shouldn’t (things that could hurt her or break).  In fact, after a couple of run ins with the word, “NO”, she’ll often cruise by something (like animal food bowls), stop, look at it…look at us…and either shake her head “no”, say “no”, or both – and then keep crawling.  I love that she’ll touch something and then look TO US to see if it’s okay.  Sometimes she’ll test outside of that, just to make sure we are consistent…and we are.  I love this kid.

And, lastly…I’m nearing 100 posts.  Like, SERIOUSLY nearing..  SOOOO…post me some random questions in my comments.  They can be funny, serious, whatever.  You can ask me random questions, cheesy questions, or stuff that you always wanted to know.  I promise!  I love questions, and I’ll answer almost anything.  I’m an open book (if you couldn’t tell already).  So PLEASE.  Leave me some questions.  I don’t care if you always comment, lurk, or whatever – just ask!!!  I feel stupid asking myself AND answering questions.  lol

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  • MomBabe

    hmmm, I’ll have to think of a riveting question then get back to you….

    Great! Thanks!

  • Elexis

    Uh, I want some closet organizing system so bad. Someday. Since you like books, and questions, I love book recommendations. What are some REALLY good ones you’ve read lately?

    We bought the wire one from Lowes for around $80 I think? Thanks for my Q…I am adding it to the list!!

  • Tyler @ Building Camelot

    I got one: Why did you cut your hair so short? :-)
    ^^I’m joking of course!^^

    lol, I think you were lying earlier when you said you liked it! Haha jk. Sort of :) I will add that Q to the list lol

  • Shamelessly Sassy

    Question: what is your favorite mistake?

    Wow, that one’s going to take a lot of thought!

  • Sandy (Momisodes)

    WOW! You’ve been a busy bee!
    Sounds like Lorelei is quite the explorer :) I love that stage.

    K. My question:

    1) What do you think of little white lies?
    2) If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    3) flip flops or high heels?

    Awesome, thanks for the Q’s….come on guys…I need like 100…keep em coming!!

  • Huckdoll

    The best questions asked of me in my Q&A posts (this one I have yet to answer)….

    You’re stranded on a deserted island with no hope in sight of rescue.

    1) Who’s with you (real or fiction. Be honest – doesn’t have to be a family/spouse. Remember – you’re gonna be on the island for a long long long time.)

    2) You managed to salvage your cd player. What cd is in it?

    3) You also managed to salvage 1 dvd. What dvd is it?

    Awesome question, thanks! :)

  • Frances

    What is one secret that nobody knows about you?

    What are you afraid of?

  • BusyDad

    Would you rather have a book deal, record deal or movie deal?

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