Day 2…of THE CHALLENGE (enter theme music here)

by bosssanders on April 18, 2008 with 8 comments

I figured I’d try my less-trash challenge again today.  I’m kind of intrigued, if I do say so myself.  And, I’m quite curious as to what the results would be should I do this for any longer than a day.  So, I marched on.  On cleaning day.  Well, sort of.

Today, I trashed the following:

One Diaper.

Toilet Paper.  Like I said, I am NOT going to a) sit there for hours to “drip dry”, b) use my hand, or c) use cloth.  Nuh uh.  HOWEVER, if I happen upon some more-eco-friendly TP than my supersoft Charmin that is soft and not see-through thin, I may consider that.  Maybe.  (This is going to bring in some interesting searches on analytics.  Can’t wait.)

Paper Towels.  Only for Glory messes, though (my dog is only sort of potty trained…and, she “fakes it ” sometimes outside just to come inside and pee.)

2 Shaklee Cleaning Wipes . TWO!  Did you hear me?  I cleaned the entire bathroom, and that’s the only trash I had!  Woot!

Some Floss.  Uh, yeh.

One Cotton Ball soaked in Witch Hazel.  –In case you were wondering, it’s a natural astringent and skin soother.

Disposable Razor, which would no longer shave.  Anything.  It was purple.  You’ll be quizzed later.

Frozen Mixed Veggie Bag.  I make Lorelei’s food (and have been since she started solids) soooooo…yeh.

Colored Pencil Shavings.  I had to sharpen a few pencils.  I guess I could’ve technically thrown them outside but it was raining…and I’m lazy.

Okay…so that was IT.  My only trash. You have to be oh so proud of me, right?  I think it’s pretty good.  Not 0(zero), but IF I did 0(zero), it wouldn’t be a forever thing, you know?  I AM cutting down though.

And now, here’s the fun part.  Stuff I’m RE-PURPOSING:

1 TP Roll and 1 Paper Towel Roll and some Dryer Lint.  Stuff the Dryer Lint in the Paper Towel/TP Roll for fire starters.  More Ideas for Paper Towel Rolls: Use them to make bracelets, organize cords or Christmas lights.

1 Empty Wipes Canister (Shaklee).  I haven’t figured out what I’m doing with this guy just yet.  Hmmm.  But, I’ll figure something out.

Hand Soap Container.  I refilled it with concentrated hand soap and added a bit of water to make it last longer.  Voila.

Plastic Walmart/Kroger Bag (I forget which).  Used it to line the bathroom trash can.

Want to know what you can do with all of your lovely trash to REPURPOSE it?  Try these cool websites:

Re-purposing your trash 



And then… To win some cool prizes, check here:

Shaklee Go Green Cleaning Set (hosted by yours truly!!)

Earth Day Celebration with lots of goodies to win 

More giveaways!! 

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  • Momo Fali

    I use grocery store trash bags in the bathrooms, but I’ve never heard of the fire starter idea! Love it!

    You can also use a bunch of papertowel and toilet paper rolls together to make a fruit stand…

  • Tara R.

    There is a farmers’ market in our town, I take our grocery bags to them to use. I also take our empty prescription bottles to our vet. He uses them for animal prescriptions.

    Awesome job!

  • Amanda (Shamelessly Sassy)

    I reuse our trash bags in the tiny trashcans in our bathrooms. I’m going to check these sites out. Thanks! :)

    You are very welcome. If you (or anyone) EVER needs any other crafty sites…I have way too many stashed back. So, um, yeh…I have more…just ask. lol

  • Huckdoll

    Good going, Ash. You’re totally inspiring!

    lol aww shucks *blushes* thanks :)

  • so grateful to be mormon

    hi ash!

    “drip dry”? hahahahaha, you killed me. thanks for the laugh!

    good luck, kathleenybeany :) xoxo


  • Giraffe Parade

    I created no trash today … I just ate leaves from big tall trees and then pooped it out on the Savannah. *nods*

    Oh, Evi!!! Fabulous job! I’m so proud. lol. Almost finished with your illustration. :) MWAH!

  • AmyR

    My 7 year old daughter is really good at this. She will literally check the garbage each day to see if I threw away something she could recycle. She will pull it out, and say,”I could you throw this away mom, I could use it to make a cell phone!” (It was packaging from some tights) She actually said that just yesterday.

    lol that’s awesome! You could even challenge her to “repurpose” random trash too…see what sort of creative things she can come up with. That could make for some interesting posts!!

  • Nissa

    Color me impressed! I can’t believe that’s all you threw away!!

    Have you tried making clay out of dryer lint? That’s one I’m trying!

    No, how do you make clay out of dryer lint?!!

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