WHAT IF…Trial and Error

by bosssanders on April 17, 2008 with 1 comment

I figured that since I issued the challenge, I should be one of the first to jump in feet first. So, today when I woke up, I was ready to go – I’ll show you, I can reduce and reuse with minimal trash. Um, sort of. Maybe?

My intention for this entire challenge was more focused on having people become MORE AWARE and less about what actually went into the trash bags…

Today, my first activity resulted in trash. A dirty diaper. Not only did I already have trash at 9AM, but it was stinky trash. I changed the diaper and replaced it with a fresh cloth diaper. (By the way, I was going to take pictures but decided not to, you can thank me later.) Then, I headed to the bathroom to mix up the diaper wipe solution (a squirt bottle full of water and a squirt of her baby wash) so it’d be on hand for later (I use cloth wipes for non explosive diapers, cutting down on waste).

Then, at breakfast, I realized another place I create trash. The paper towels I use to wipe her face and hands and high chair tray after eating. So, today…I got out a wash cloth instead. I really do need to get a few “special wash cloths” to keep in the kitchen that are just for this purpose. Also, instead of reaching for the Kleenex when her nose started running, I used a cloth (old -as in she’s outgrown them -burpcloths).

I was feeling awfully proud of myself when I almost sidestepped into a puddle of Glory pee (the dog). Thanks for that. I’m definitely using papertowels for this mess. Sorry. I hurriedly took Glory out JUST IN CASE. If she pees outside, she MIGHT not go inside…which means, less trash, right? Right???!!!

So, moving on…I found a bit of tin foil hubby used to cook with last night and forgot to throw out. I threw it out. That counts as trash today. DANGIT. And then…the 2 DHL shipping envelopes got trashed…. DANGIT.

And then…I had to pee. (Useful information for you right there.) I considered my options and grabbed the toilet paper anyhow. I’d rather hold it then save TP. Sorry again. If it makes you feel any better, I only use 3-4 squares of Charmin Ultra.

Then, I made a large free-shaped (meaning it’s from remnant fabric and not an exact square…or circle…or triangle) cloth pillowcase type thing to stuff fabric scraps in. Once it’s full, I plan to close up the small opening and give it to Glory for her dog bed. She’s not happy with the shop rags I threw in there…she keeps pulling them out. So, she’ll get a “mattress” and I don’t have to throw it away. Plus, it’s totally washable.

Next, I had a few oranges on the counter top…I was afraid that they’d turned bad (mom would kill me as she gave them to me…err…a month ago?). But, no black spots. No spots at all. I opened one up and tasted…yep. Still good. Sweet! I cut them all in half and had my therapy, standing there juicing oranges. Gave baby some diluted juice and saved the rest (in the refrigerator for later). Then, I cut out the pulp of 1 of them and sliced up the peel. I’m saving the peel to try a candy recipe later tonight. What can I say? I was intrigued. I dumped the rest of the orange waste into my mini compost I made beside the house (it’s in a small crate).

Of course, we had a couple of casualties. Two bags were too close and within orange juice squeezing range and got stickified. I trashed those. I guess I really could have rinsed them out…but too late. I’m not digging them back out.

Then, it was time to do a little research. I discovered that the town my husband works in offers recycling. They can recycle paper/cardboard items all the time and plastic stuff they have certain days set aside (like 6x a year). SO, I wrote down the info and called the office to make sure I got everything. “Do I need to cut out the plastic windows on envelopes? No? Great. Can I recycle postcards? Yes? Awesome. Magazines, newspapers, books, business cards, brochures, and frozen pizza boxes? Yes? Lovely.” So, I made a “recycling area” by the trash can…just a paper bag where I put paper items to be recycled. Later, I will group the cardboard boxes in the garage to take to the recycling center. Or…for Steven to take to the recycling center :D

Total in trash for today:

- dirty diaper (ONE)
- piece of aluminum foil
- paper towels
-toilet paper
- two bags
- empty frozen pea bag
- DHL shipping envelopes (2)

Not bad, not bad…

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  • Trish

    what a great idea -thanks for sharing the earth day post and challenge.
    I use (on my boys) cloth diapers (nappies I them) and for months I did 100% now we use Huggies at night because they get wet through otherwise.
    Good on you for cloth diapers.
    LOL never thought about toilet paper as trash … but I won’t be going cloth TP thankyou – on my boys I use cloth wipers ( washers) – I throw them in with wash too.
    I have a worm farm … and a dog for scraps.

    Yes, I’m keeping my TP too. Haha. ALTHOUGH, if they come out with some good TP that is better at decomposing I may get that. When I checked it out a few months ago, it was thin as all get out. Maybe it’s changed. I should look!

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