REAL WORLD – as opposed to the “fake” world?

by bosssanders on March 30, 2008 with 3 comments

I’d love to tell you that I had the energy to clean today. That, however, would be a lie. Instead, I organized a few things upstairs and brought a busting-at-the-seams notebook downstairs – Purely with the intention of going through it to figure out what I’d like to keep, and what to throw out.

It was a large, blue, and battered (well, still is I suppose)…and it was from my Senior year in Highschool. An accumulation of some of the papers I kept from that year. AP English. AP Art. AP Biology. Most everything was from English class. But, stuck deep down in one of the folders was a purple piece of paper, folded in half. It read: “Welcome to the Real World.” It was from a life skills program from the 4-H program – aka Reality Store. This tiny paper only brought back a couple of memories for me. One, I won the “best kiss” contest and thus won play money for my Reality Store Purchases (and, for the “real world,” I won chocolates and some Mary Kay lipgloss). Two, I remember doing exceptionally well in the reality store, and telling them that they didn’t truly cover their bases – For, if I only had such little cash, I would not pay for my kid a haircut. I’d do it myself. And, I would not take them to GAP…we’d hit up the consignment stores.

That’s it. Those were my two memories. Intrigued, I opened the folded purple paper, and began to read:

Let’s pretend you are 25 years old. You are the sole support for your household. Please answer the following questions prior to entering the Reality Store:

1. What level of education do you plan to complete? PhD

2. What is your occupations? Psychologist.

3. How many children would you have? 1

List gender and ages: girl, 2 years

4. Would you rent or own a home? Own

Describe your home: big

5. What kind of car would you have? Mustang (blue)

6. What would you do for entertainment? work/sports/be with my family

7. Where would you go on vacation? depends

8 . How much money would you like to be able to save each month? $1,000

9. When you purchase groceries, would you buy mostly low-cost, moderately -priced, or high priced items? Circle one. Whichever suits my needs. (I didn’t circle any)


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  • Momo Fali

    It’s so cool that you kept that!! I love going back and looking at the surveys my husband and I had to fill out for our marriage classes. It’s interesting to see where we thought we’d be, compared with where we are. It’s surprisingly similar.

    I thought it was kind of cool too. And, we did the marriage questions too…I’m not sure where ours is though. I know our priest has a copy…but I don’t think we ever did. We talked it over at home and then completed them in his office! Hmm…maybe I should request a copy…

  • so grateful to be mormon

    hi ash,
    i gotta run out the door but wanted to stop by and tell you good morning and i am really enjoying your little notes. your sense of humor is cracking me up. i will come back and read your blog when i have a few more minutes. great day sunshine, kathleen xo!

    I love our little notes too…and I’m so glad to have “met” you!

  • Tara R.

    What an interesting exercise… I would love to hear my own teens’ answers… I might steal this idea from you. =)

    Yes, it would be cool! But – do you guys not do the reality stores (with 4-H)?

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